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The Masque of the Red Death

Winner of the 2017 SPF !Boo Festival

Adapted from the short story by Edgar Allan Poe, this devised movement piece, staged and choreographed by Ann Cooley relates the tale of Prince Prospero, who locks himself and his nobles away in a castle while a plague, the Red Death, ravages his country, decimating the poorer population.

With an original musical composition by Robert Pompa, this production terrified audiences at the 2017 !Boo Festival. With costumes by Susan Rosello, lighting by Shannon Kavanagh, and narration by Dante Jayce, audiences were transported to a distant land where even the sly Prince Prospero was unable to escape the bloody clutches of the Red Death 

Performances: October 19-22 2017

Venue: The Players Theatre


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Director: Christian Clarke

Staging and Movement: Ann Cooley

Musical Composition and Engineering: Robert Pompa

Costume Design: Susan Rosello

Lighting Design: Shannon Kavanagh

Production Manager: Emma Roupp

Assistant Director: Kimberly Flores


Ismael Castillo, Chandler Converse, Brianna Gagné, Julian Hermano, Olivia Lodge, Samantha Rubin, Tim Roller, Dallas Slankard, Alexis Slocum, Kia Sofia



Music copyrighted 2017